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Touchdown Stun Gun – 89MV Old School Styling


ThugBusters introduces the Touchdown Stun Gun with disable pin and alarm. Old school school styling updated to 89MV!


ThugBusters introducesthe Touchdown Stun Gun From Streetwise Security – the ultimate blend of classic style and cutting-edge technology, designed to keep you safe in any situation. With its retro look reminiscent of stun guns from the late 80s, the Touchdown stun gun brings together nostalgia and innovation in one powerful package.

Don’t let its vintage appearance fool you – inside this sleek device lies over 30 years of advancements in electronics, power, and capacity. Packing a staggering 89,000,000* volts, just a touch from the Touchdown stun gun is enough to send any would-be attacker reeling, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

But what sets the Touchdown stun gun apart from the rest is its ingenious disable pin feature. Worn securely around your wrist, the disable pin acts as your ultimate safeguard. If an assailant manages to wrest the stun gun from your grasp, the safety pin automatically detaches, rendering the device useless in their hands. It’s a game-changer – just like a treadmill or a jetski – ensuring that your own weapon can never be turned against you.

Measuring a compact 6.5 inches in length, the Touchdown stun gun offers the perfect balance of reach and portability. Its ergonomic design, complete with finger indentations and a rubber coating, ensures a secure grip that fits comfortably in your hand like a glove. With the Touchdown stun gun by your side, you’ll have the confidence to navigate any situation, knowing that you have the power to protect yourself at a moment’s notice.

Whether you’re walking home late at night, navigating a dimly lit parking lot, or simply seeking peace of mind in your daily life, the Touchdown stun gun is the ultimate companion for personal safety. Don’t settle for outdated protection – upgrade to the Touchdown stun gun and experience the perfect blend of style, innovation, and peace of mind. Just a touch, and down they go – order yours today and take control of your safety like never before!


Black, Hot Pink


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