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Quantum – Smallest Mini Stun Gun w safety pin



ThugBusters introduces the Quantum – our smallest full-featured stun gun.

Comes with a disabling safety pin and bright flashlight. Perfect for small hands.

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Our smallest mini stun gun flashlight combo with a safety pin!

The Quantum Mini Stun Gun has a safety pin that disables the unit if it is taken away from you.

Check out this customer feedback –

“Extremely powerful, not for kids or teens who would zap each other horsing around. This is a serious weapon. Small discrete and the wrist strap with safety pin is the Ultimate to protect yourself if an assailant were to get it away from you they can’t use without the pin
Quantum 105 Million volt Xtreme mini stun gun with disabling safety pin -Teal”

ATTENTION: The product will not fire without the safety pin on the strap inserted. Insert the safety pin kill switch to fire the stun gun. This is a safety feature.

Product Features

  • Volts – 110 million per the manufacturer
  • Kill switch pin included – disables the unit if it’s taken away from you.  They can’t turn around and use it on you!
  • Convenient USB charging – an overnight charge will hold for about 3 months.  It’s not like a cell phone that has to be charged every other day!
  • 105 million volts   – packs a big punch in a small package
  • 3.25″ x 1.5″ – perfect for small hands
  • Triple stun technology built-in
  • Nylon Holster  included

Product Description

This ultra mini stun gun has a rubber grip coating and a safety kill switch feature. There is a super-powerful LED flashlight included. There are two modes: safety and armed. The red light is illuminated when the stun gun is armed and one press of the black button will fire the stun gun. The kill switch is there to ensure that no attacker takes the stun gun. This is because when the kill switch leaves the stun gun, the Quantum will not fire. This makes the stun gun useless for anyone except for the rightful owner and more secure.

Here’s the scenario:
You’re walking out to your car, perhaps in a parking lot or a parking garage. Maybe you’re just walking someplace where you just don’t feel safe, like across campus. Put the strap around your wrist as you leave the building. There’s someone following you, or a thug hanging around in the parking lot, or maybe you just don’t feel safe. Slide the button halfway for a very bright flashlight. You can even use the flashlight as a weapon – shine the light right in his eyes. At the very least, even in a well-lit location, it will give him spots in his eyes for a few minutes. In a dark location, the flashlight will temporarily blind him.

He keeps coming. Slide the button all the way forward to arm the stun gun. The red light will come on and the flashlight will shut off. He’s going to think your flashlight failed, and now is his opportunity. He’s now within arm’s reach. Press the round button as you push the mini stun gun into his ribs, the belly, or even better yet, the groin. He will get the full effect of this very powerful stun gun. Hold it on him as long as you can – if you can get a couple of seconds, he’s going down. Here’s the best part – if you only get a “love tap” on him and he takes it away from you, he can’t hurt you with it because you still have the safety pin attached to your wrist.

There may be times you might want to fire it into the air, like a warning. That crackle is a very distinctive sound, just like the “chuck-chuck” when a shotgun is pumped. To a thug, that will translate to “Leave me alone, or you’re going to have a really bad day.”

3 seconds or more will most likely put him on the ground. A quick tap will feel like a really bad grease burn or shortening burn – ever been burned by hot grease? It’s also like a really bad electrical burn, or when you smash your finger with a hammer. Your whole brain freezes for a minute or two while you’re dealing with the pain. That “brain freeze” time after you zap him, while he’s trying to figure out what just hit him, is your escape time!

Where do you hit him with it? Never go for the arm, as the arm can take a lot of pain. Go for the soft belly, the chest (if you hit a rib, it will radiate through the chest), or the best spot – right in the groin. Ideally, you would go for the side of the neck, but you might not be able to get there. Even if he has his arms around your chest, just reach back and zap. Even if you hit the leg, the leg is going to buckle.

The stun gun is effective through light clothing or jeans. We get asked all the time “What if he’s wearing a jacket?”. Well, it’s rare that someone wears a jacket below the waist. That means your prime target – the family jewels – is an easy target!

The most important thing is to put the strap around your wrist. That’s the whole key as to why this stun gun is so effective. Take it out of your purse, just like you would take your keys out before you leave the building. The last thing you want to do in an emergency situation is fish around in your purse trying to find this.

This mini stun gun has a built-in charger. Slide the button out to expose the plug, and plug it into an outlet overnight (just the first time you charge it. That overnight charge will last you about 3 months. These are not like your cell phone that you have to charge every other day. Every once a month or so, take it out and give it a zap. If it sounds “tired”, or it is zapping slower than normal, just charge it up for an hour or two and you’re good to go.

Looking for a product with similar features? Check out our other models with safety pins, like the Runt, Trigger, and Ladies Choice

We made the news! Check it out here


Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 2 in

black, pink, teal, pink zebra, carbon fiber, Pink, Purple, Hot Pink


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