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Sting Ring Stun Gun w/ Key Ring – BLACK


Buy 2 Sting Ring stun guns with key ring for FREE Shipping!

The Sting Ring is the perfect stun gun for runners, and you can attach your keys to it as well.


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Check out this runner’s Sting Ring stun gun with key ring! Buy 2 for Free Shipping!

The sting ring stun gun from Streetwise Security Products is the perfect stun gun for runners! Many people call stun guns “tasers”, but the proper term is a stun gun.  If you searched for “taser ring”, we think this is what you were looking for.

Streetwise Security Products has found a way to improve upon their best-selling sting ring stun gun for runners by adding a keyring! With this powerful stun gun attached to your keys, you will not have to be concerned about it getting lost in the bottom of your purse or wasting valuable time getting it out of your pocket. You will have the stun gun instantly accessible at the time when people are most vulnerable to attack – while walking to or from their car, or when they are out running. With a set of keys attached to the unit, you have the option to strike with your keys, shock with a stun gun, or both! This revolutionary patented stun gun for runners separates itself from all other stun guns on the market today.

Runners need something that is lightweight and easy to carry.  The Sting Ring stun gun  (which you might be calling a “taser ring”) slips over the middle finger with a very natural hold.  The intuitive design makes the ideal stun gun for runners.


The Sting Ring is one of the most effective and easiest to use stun gun for runners on the market today but, don’t just take our word for it. Catherine from San Antonio, TX, is a nurse who credits the Sting Ring for saving her two separate times. Once from a robber and once from a vicious dog! This is her amazing story…

I’d like to tell you about my Sting Ring stun gun made by Streetwise. I recently purchased 2 for personal safety. I was placed in a position to have to use it twice. First as I was leaving a local grocery store my purse was grabbed from behind. Little did that person know I had my Sting Ring in the other hand. I turned around and made contact with their arm, they immediately let go and ended up on the ground. Store security came out and took over. The second time I had to use my Sting Ring was while walking in my neighborhood. An unruly and quite angry dog made me his target and was introduced to my Sting Ring without hesitation. His immediate response was a loud cry and stumbling away yelping. Needless to say in both instances my Sting Ring was my savior. My husband and I both carry our Sting Ring because it was evident to us that they really work, and without it both instances would have had very bad outcomes. It is unfortunate that in our current society that items like this have to be used, but I’m, glad that I had my Sting Ring with me and I don’t leave home without it. I find it an asset and feel it will benefit many when used for its intended purpose “personal security”. Thanks again for offering an amazing product. I think every nurse needs one, Respectfully, Catherine T., San Antonio

“I LOVE having this thing with me for protection. On occasion I’ll go out and walk our dog alone, and travel for business solo at times. While I’ve never had a physical altercation and needed this, (and hopefully I never do), I REALLY like feeling I am protected and in greater control. Often, I’ve walked to the car with my thumb on the car’s “alarm” button, or held my keys with the metal part of the key poking out between my fingers (I suppose thinking I could stab someone with my key in self defense.) I know those won’t really do much in a surprise attack, but with this thing, I feel protected.

My husband jumped out of his skin when I turned it on and activated it (it’s loud when the circuit’s not broken – meaning when it’s “popping” in the air vs. on an attacker where it would be silent.) Then he jokingly & nervously asked if he should be scared. I chuckled and of course said no, he should be glad I have it. It packs 18 million volts of jarring power! EIGHTEEN MILLION!!!

It’s super easy to use and love the size of it. It’s bright pink; in hindsight I wish I had the one in black. I feel like it would be more discreet, but maybe the brightness and obviousness of this is a good thing. I wholeheartedly recommend this to any individual (man or woman) who want to be in greater control of their safety. The results are temporary, but in the moment severe enough to an attacker to allow you to get away. Definitely recommended… hopefully I never need to use the taser ring on a person though.”


So, if you were looking for a “taser ring”, this might just be the product you were looking for!  There is a big difference between a stun gun and a TASER device, but we know that many of our customers call them tasers.  We hope this Sting Ring stun gun is the “taser ring” that will help keep you safe.

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 3 in


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