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ShockDrop 100MV Compact Stun Flashlight


ShockDrop Compact Stun Flashlight

The ShockDrop 100MV Compact Stun Flashlight is perfect for anyone who carries a pocket flashlight.  Discreet protection for realtors, home inspectors and more!

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ShockDrop 100MV Compact Stun Flashlight

The Shockdrop compact stun flashlight is a high-voltage stun gun that is as compact as it is powerful. This device packs a whopping 100 million in electric charge with just the push of a button. This stun gun also comes equipped with an ultra-bright flashlight pushing 250 lumens. There is a red indicator light to show then the stun gun is armed and ready to fire. Get your hands on this amazing item today and start protecting yourself.

Product Features

  • Compact stun gun with bright flashlight
  • Convenient clip for your belt or pocket
  • Rechargeable battery with included cord
  • 5.75″ long – 1″ wide and 1 inch diameter reflector
  • 100 million of powerful charge!
  • Lifetime warranty included

Using your ShockDrop:

Flashlight Feature The flashlight will work with the bottom on/off switch in either the on or off position. If you are in a situation where you might need to quickly activate the stun gun, we recommend the “on” position.  If you don’t anticipate needing the stun gun and just need the light, then the off position would be ideal.  Slide the function switch on the side of the unit to the top position and the flashlight will come on.  The unit WILL NOT fire with the flashlight on.  To turn the flashlight off, move the function switch to the middle position.

Stun Gun Feature – Slide the bottom switch to the on position, then slide the function switch on the side of the unit down to the bottom position. Press the STUN button to test-fire the unit.  Do not hold down the stun button for more than three seconds when testing the device.  Test firing for more than three consecutive seconds will damage the unit and void the warranty. You will see and hear the discharge across the top of the unit between the probes.  Remember to slide the bottom on/off switch to the OFF position when finished.

Charging the ShockDrop – A full charge takes 6 to 8 hours.  The battery should be recharged every 2 to 3 months, or when the spark appears to sound tired or weak.  This unit is not like a cell phone that has to be charged every other day!  Do not charge overnight as overcharging can cause damage to the battery.  Once fully charted, unplug the stun gun and store in a safe place until ready to use.

Warranty – The ShockDrop Compact Stun Flashlight is manufactured by Tirger USA Xtreme and is covered by a lifetime warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. There are no user-serviceable parts. If the unit has been disassembled or tampered with in any way, this warranty is voided.  The warranty will also be voided if the device is charged in any way other than the provided charging instructions, or if any unauthorized attachments are affixed to the device.  Damage to the device is also not covered by the warranty.  This includes, but is not limited to, damage caused by misuse, abuse, neglect, and/or moisture. This warranty does not cover the loss of the unit or parts.

If you have an issue, please refer to our return policy or contact us. The warranty does not cover return shipping. Damage or loss occurring during shipment is not covered by this warranty.




Weight .55 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 1 × 2 in


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