Neighbors shook up by home invasion

Our pepper sprays, stun guns and alarms might have made the difference

SIOUX FALLS – According to police several armed intruders wearing face masks broke into this Sioux Falls home.
The people living inside barricaded themselves in their bedroom and told the intruders they had called the police.
After several of the masked men fled, the residents came out of the bedroom and fought off two of the armed men who were still inside their home.
One of the suspects was stabbed and dragged outside.
The residents then locked themselves back inside their apartment and waited for police.
Neighbors are coping with this situation.
The scene is right across the street from a busy shopping center and near the Sioux Empire Mall.
It doesn’t seem like a crime happened here until someone looks a little closer.
Crime scene tape blocked off the apartment, while several police cars sat in the parking lot most of the day.
Families who live near the incident say they are a little shook up.

“It’s pretty scary to think about that potential that could have been me,” Annie Hartgraves said.

Many of them could hear the home invasion as it occurred from their own apartments.

“Big ruckus; just a lot of noise. A bunch of voices howling, yelling,” Jeff Raider explained. He said his wife heard the whole thing.

While having something like this happen so close to home is shocking, many say they could see something like this coming because of criminal activity already taking place at the building.

“You know there’s people who will knock on the door at two in the morning. They’ll go in, two minutes later they’re out. So it just makes me very suspicious,” Hartgraves elaborated.

And they have their own theories on what could have happened.

“Maybe it was something in dealing with drugs and just bad deal went wrong,” Hartgraves theorized.

A neighbor who wished to remain off camera told me she is thinking about installing a security system in light of this incident.
Another says now, he can’t wait to move.

“We’re a few days from leaving so we might just bump that up a couple days. My wife’s pretty stressed out,” Raider said.

The neighbors still have questions and they hope they can get answers to those soon

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