Howard County Maryland lifts ban on tasers and stun guns!

Hooray for the voices of sanity!

According to Fox45 News in Baltimore, Howard County voted 4-1 on February 21st to remove the ban on the sale of stun guns and tasers.

Howard County resident Elizabeth Baran is suing Baltimore City and Baltimore County, which both have bans on the ownership of stun guns and tasers.  The lawsuit also names Howard County.

Elizabeth Baran is a domestic violence survivor who argued that “tasers are essential for self-defense”.  As a result of the ruling,  she now has a “non-lethal option” to protect herself.

Let’s hope that Baltimore City and Baltimore County follow Howard County’s lead.

Thugbusters gives her a standing ovation and a huge BRAVO!!  We are on a crusade to help keep people safe with non-lethal safety products. We have known domestic violence survivors, sexual assault victims. and women who were afraid to walk to their cars at night – nurses, retail workers, college students, real estate agents, servers and more.

While we have approximately 500 safety products on our web site, we focus on stun guns and tasers for women. We exhibit at women’s shows, guns shows, and prepper shows in Ohio. Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Alabama, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina and Louisiana.

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