Hidden Safes? Diversion Safes? Stash Cans? Stash Containers?

No matter what you call them, what you’re looking for is something that can hide your valuables in plain sight. Whether you have pesky roommates, co-workers you can’t trust, nosey kids, or intrusive landlords, we have lots of items that can help you out. Hide your meds, keys, money, and “recreational items” where they won’t think to look.

Here are some phrases people search for when trying to find these things, so we thought we would put them in one place to help you out,. Guess what? We have them all!

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Arizona Iced Tea Stash Can

 arizona stash cans

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Aquafina Water Bottle Diversion Safe

 water bottle diversion safe

Aquanet Hair Spray Stash Container

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