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State-by-State TASER restrictions

Check your state’s rules on TASER ownership. These ONLY apply to TASER brand products

Based on your state’s laws, we may ask for additional information in order to complete the sale.

Updated 9/12/21

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State Legal for Security Guard Use Legal for Consumer Use/Possession Permit Required for Consumers to Possess Background Check Required Other Restrictions on Sale*
Alabama No No No
Alaska No No No
Arizona No No Yes (verify possession of valid govít ID)
Arkansas No No Yes (no sales under 19)
California No No Yes (no sales under 19 and no felony convictions)
Colorado No No No
Connecticut No No No
Delaware No No No
District of Columbia No No No
Florida No No No
Georgia No No No
Hawaii No No No
Idaho No No No
Illinois Yes Yes Yes (must only sell to FOID holder + waiting period)
Indiana No No No
Iowa Yes No No
Kansas No No No
Kentucky No No No
Louisiana No No No
Maine No No No
Maryland No Yes No
Massachusetts Yes No Yes (submit a copy of resident firearms license, Massachusetts ID, and MA Basic Firearms Safety Course certificate)
Michigan Yes No Yes (verify identity and possession of CCW)
Minnesota No Yes Yes (no sales under 19)
Mississippi Yes No No
Missouri No No No
Montana No No No
Nebraska No No No
Nevada No No No
New Hampshire No No No
New Jersey No No No
New Mexico No No No
New York No No There may be other county/local laws regulating civilian TASER possession within the State of New York. It is the sole responsibility of the individual possessing the TASER to research and comply with laws
North Carolina No No No
North Dakota No (permit not required to conceal carry StrikeLight but required for all other TASERs) No No
Ohio No No No
Oklahoma No No No
Oregon No No No
Pennsylvania No No No
Puerto Rico Yes No Yes. Please note there is a minimum order requirement for shipment
Rhode Island N/A N/A N/A
South Carolina No No No
South Dakota No No No
Tennessee No No No
Texas No No No
Utah No No No
Vermont No No No
Virginia No No No
Washington No No No
West Virginia No No No
Wisconsin Yes No Yes (verify possession of CCW or that use is restricted to home/business)
Wyoming No No No
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