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ThugBusters ships stun guns to Rhode Island. 

We have many different varieties to suit your particular safety concern.  All of our stun guns have a lifetime warranty.  They all recharge, so there’s no need to worry about batteries, and an overnight charge will last three months or longer!

Click on an item below to learn more. Our full line of stun guns is available HERE 

Thugbusters Blue Trigger Stun Gun in womans handShorty Flashlight Stun Gunlipstick stun gun's hand

ThugBusters SMART stun gun purpleThugBusters Bouncer stun gun flashlight baton upwardBlue Slider stun gun in womans hand's hand

ThugBusters ships TASERS to Rhode Island! 

We carry the Pulse, Pulse+, X1, X2, and the new 7CQ.  All are approved for civilian use.

Click on an item below for more information.

TASER Pulse+ with 2 cartridgesTaser Pulse Plus Yellow ThugBusters

ThugBusters TASER X1ThugBusters Taser X2

ThugBusters Taser 7CQ

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