Classes and training

ThugBusters offers several types of classes and training to help keep you and your loved ones safe

ThugBusters Refuse To Be A Victim courseThe Refuse To Be A Victim® course is a national program sponsored by the NRA.  The 4-hour seminar focuses on tips, strategies and safety planning to help prevent you from becoming a victim of a crime. 

ThugBusters Personal Safety Products Classes

Personal Safety Devices classes are 1-2 hours in length, and focus on educating attendees on items such as stun guns, Tasers, pepper sprays and other non-lethal protection devices.  We will cover legal considerations, clarify misconceptions, and how to use them effectively.  In a carefully controlled setting, you will be able to handle them items. Products will be available for sale after the presentation. 

ThugBusters Internet Safety Course

Internet Safety 101 is a one-hour course to help you stay safe while you’re online. Password safety, protection from email and phone scams, and safe internet browsing concepts will be covered.

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