TASER Spare Cartridges for X1, X26, M26 2-pack


TASER Spare Cartridges for X1, X26, M26 2-pack

Make sure you have plenty of cartridges so you can stay safe on your watch.

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TASER Spare Cartridges for X1, X26, M26

TASER recommends you stock extra live cartridges so you are never without protection. They come in 2 pack containers and are handy when you need to replace depleted cartridges.

  • These black 15′ range replacement cartridges contain probes, conductive wires, serialized tags and nitrogen propulsion.
  • Keeps you safe from a distance of 15-feet
  • Designed to incapacitate an attacker
  • Stun capabilities further protect safety
  • TASER X26P
  • TASER X26C
  • TASER M26C
  • TASER X1



Do you ship to NY?

Yes.  Rochester-based ThugBusters ships TASERs throughout NY state, thanks to a court ruling and injunction in March 2019. Here’s a link to the news coverage from the time Google results.

Does the m26, x26, x26p all fit with the same cartridge?
Yes these cartridges will fit those models.

When do these cartridges expire?
Expiration on the cartridges is 5 years from date of manufacture.  The date is stamped on the cartridge.  We keep them fresh.

Will this fit the regular X26 Taser?
These are a perfect fit for the X26.

Will this fit the zj stun gun?
No, they will not fit the ZJ Stun Gun.

Do you have 21 foot cartridges? I can’t find any on amazon.
Unfortunately, no. 21 foot cartridges are normally limited to Law Enforcement and Military. Check out GunBroker perhaps.

Will these cartridges fit the M18 model Taser?
Yes they fit the M18

Will the battery from the X26C will work on the X26?

The X26C and X26 are the same taser. The only difference is the amount of time in which the taser is firing. In other words, the X26C will have a 10 second cycle after being fired, this is to allow the victim to escape. The X26 has a 5 second cycle.

Can these cartridges work on the Pulse?

No, the Pulse uses a different cartridge

Will these fit the 7CQ?

No, the 7CQ takes a different cartridge.


Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 9 in


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