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Xtreme Stunner with Flashlight & Safety Pin


The Stunner model packs a punch at a low price! Includes a flashlight and disable pin.  Built-in charger plugs into standard wall outlet – no cord to loose!


Tiger-USA Xtreme is known for its superior quality and always supplying the best in public safety items. The latest addition to the Tiger-USA Xtreme family is known as the Stunner. The Stunner is a high voltage stun gun that is as compact as it is powerful. This device packs a whopping 96 million volts in electric charge with just the push of a button.

This stun gun also comes equipped with an ultra-bright flashlight in the middle of the front. There is a red indicator light to show then the stun gun is armed and ready to fire. Get your hands on this amazing item today and start protecting yourself.

This item features a kill switch that is attached to the wristband. When one is attacked, the stun gun will cease to fire if it leaves the owner’s hand. The kill switch will disable the firing of the gun.

Product Features
Great and compact stun gun for an amazing price – 4″ x 2″ x .95″
Free nylon carrying case
Rechargeable battery
Handy built-in charger inside of the stun gun – Plugs into any A/C outlet
96 million volts of powerful charge! Kill switch included.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Black, Carbon Fiber, Deep Purple, Hot Pink, Light Blue, Pink, Pink Zebra, Purple, Teal, Yellow


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